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Company & mission

2A Strategy&Logistics is a Polish outsourcing company located in Wroclaw. The company specializes in: outsourcing the production and production-related services, cleaning great area facilities, and acting as an agent in finding a job position in the medical industry in the United Arab Emirates. Several year experience in the outsourcing industry and the development of the company have contributed to transforming it into the limited liability company.

The outsourcing of services is transferring a range of the duties to an external entity. The main advantage of outsourcing is an increase in work effectiveness in the company, which results in, optimizing the primary expanses Implementating any outsourcing solutions in the company is justified if the available external resources are less costly than the internal ones.

The mission of 2A Strategy&Logistics is to provide entrepreneurs with individual production support programs, to develop a strategy adapted to the work environment and executive needs, to select and train their employees as well as to ensure the production flow with the guarantee of adequate quality of the finished product. The goal is optimizing the employment level and reducing the expanses of maintaining the technical resources in order for the outsourcing services generate a measurable financial profit being the business expanses at the same time.


What makes us special

1/ an exclusive service for the B2B sector

2/ high quality of our services

3/ proven quality management system

4/ smoothness in implementing the projects

5/ compatibility of the results with the assumptions

6/ quality guarantee

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The advantages of outsourcing:

  • / reducing the capital expenditures for maintaining the technical resources
  • / a lower employment level
  • / providing qualified employees to carry out the assigned tasks
  • / taking over the personnel and payroll liabilities
  • / ensuring the company’s financial liquidity and the performance continuity of the services
  • / taking over the responsibility for the assigned tasks

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